So chances are that if you have found your way here it is either because you A) Have Children B) Are expecting a child C) work with children D) Like crafts or E) Are 80 years old with a new computer and are hopelessly lost. Wonderful, great to meet you! Unless you are lost then howdy and good luck on your internet expedition.

So as you can guess I also have children. Sure they make you want to pull your hair out some days and the constant “I’m hungry”,”I want to watch pepper pig!”, “I don’t want to visit Nana!” but at the same time I have to add that darling, life is what you make it!

I am a fun mum personally. Well sort of. Some days I am like something out of alien or one of those scary zombies from I am Legend. Depending of course on how much sleep I had the night before. Basically we live on a spectrum of craziness with some days being better than others and I’m sure you do too. So of course you, like me, are clearly looking for things to do with the munchkins and even to do for yourself. I have plenty of both, activities for the kiddos and some stuff just for you too 😉 Us mums have to look out for each other.

So take a look around, I am sure you will find something to interest you.

And don’t forget to say howdy! I am here everyday stalking posts for comments and would love to receive some!

Don’t forget to check out the links below to our Facebook group and Pinterest account. Make sure the Facebook page is in your favorites for easy access and all our updates.

Caio xo


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