Making your own fairy doors!

How Hard is it to find a decent fairy door your little ones that is inexpensive and the kind you are looking for! I know I embarked on my fairy door finding adventure about 6 months ago when my son saw the fairy garden display at our local gardening store and insisted he wanted a fairy door too. Having no suitable trees in our quite small garden, I knew I would need to find something to put inside. I scoured Etsy, Ebay, Facebook, etc. All much too expensive and not really what I wanted. Until now. I have finally found the perfect Salt Dough recipe for the perfect fairy door.

Now, I must warn you making this fairy door requires a certain amount of creativity. Id suggest mapping out what you want before you embark on it. I drew a few designs, one I took straight from Pinterest, but I settled for making my own design instead; complete with broomstick, mushroom and bottle of milk left out for the milk man. My son will love it!

Tools I would suggest using are pretty basic, no fancy expensive tools here! I used a cheese knife. Not very elegant I know but I picked mine up from the local op-shop for 15 cents and its quite good because of the shape. Its one of the ones with the two little fork parts at the bottom. I also suggest a rolling pin though I only used this for the actual door. Also you will need a metal spatula and a small paintbrush with some water. Other than that a baking tray and some baking paper (I ran out so used Alum-foil which I would recommend because it got stuck to the bottom) and that should do it.

Lets get it started.

Unpainted but I will update with a new pic later.

Unpainted but I will update with a new pic as soon as it is painted. It is still cooling at the moment.


~ 1 cup fine Salt

~ 1 cup of Plain flour

~ 1/2 cup of water


Mix all the ingredients together. Mix with your hands until its the consistency of play-dough. I had to take mine out onto the bench and kneed it for a couple of seconds to get it to the right consistency but don’t overdo it because you don’t want air pockets to puff up while it’s baking!

So once you have your dough ready take some of it, as much as you think you will need to make a door and roll it out with a rolling pin. Keep the thickness pretty solid, too thin and it will break up. Mine was about a centremetre and a half thick. Now using your knife or cheese-knife (or those fancy clay knives if you have them!) and cut out your shape. Now using your paintbrush brush along the edge you just cut and run your fingers along to smooth our the edges. Using a metal spatula slide it under the door you just made and carefully place it onto the parchment so you wont need to do this later when you risk bits and pieces falling off.

Now using your knife run it softly along the door to create wood beams. Easy. Next you will grab small pieces of dough and shape them into bricks. Make them as odd looking as you like, it looks more realistic when they arent all the same! When youve finished making your first brick use the paintbrush with a dab of water on the back and stick at the bottom edge of your door. Continue this process until it is lined with bricks to make a door frame.

Now to make the handle. Use a small piece of dough and roll it out very thin. Cut it into a very small rectangle shape for mounting on the doorknob and where the lock will later be painted on. Using the water paste this onto the door in a door handle position. Now roll out a small amount of dough for a handle and again stick it on with a little water.

Next you want to make the door step, so roll out some more dough, about 1/2 a centremetre (or more if you like) thick. I let mine keep a pretty natural shape, just smoothing the edges with water and my finger then with a little more water sticking it onto the bottom of the door. This will help hold the door upright so try to keep the bottom as flat as possible. We will use either a hook or sticking backing to keep it secure later so dont worry too much if it isnt perfect.

Now, using more dough make a little milk bottle and roll out another small amount for the broom. I will be using the end of a skewer for the broom stick itself. Using your knife cut very thin strands for the broom and collect them together. Do your best to make a broom end shape. Mine didnt work out to well be ce la vie!

Only thing left to do is the mushroom! I found that the hardest part so if you have a good mushroom tip share it with me!

After it is all assembled (I put the milk jug, broom and mushroom to cook seperately on the sheet) bake in the oven for 2 hours at 120 celcius, then turn over and bake for another hour. Then take a picture and let me know how it went! Of course when it is completely cool, you can paint it however you like.

Its not for the light hearted so congrats if you made it this far! If not try again later when they kids are in bed. Thats the beauty of salt dough, it is so cheap and easy you can make it again and again.

NOTE: This is not to be used outside because if it rains you will end of with a soggy mess and heart-broken kids! If you want to use it outside I would recommend finding some kind of lacquer or etc at the hardware store but tell them what you want it for.